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    16 Things We All Do And There's Really No Rhyme Or Reason For It

    "Alexa, remind me in 35 seconds what I’m going into this next room for."

    1. Failing multiple times before successfully plugging your phone charger into the outlet in the dark.

    Where’s the hole? *feels for it* *tries to stick it in* *misses* Damn it! Wrong hole. *fingers it* *slides it in* - Me, plugging in my charger in the dark.

    2. Thinking that a super-good brushing right before the dentist is going to magically get rid of potential cavities.

    Brushing your teeth 10 minutes before the dentist like it’s going to stop the use of heavy machinery #wealldoit

    3. Impulsively using the phrase "you too" to strangers who are definitely not doing the same thing as you.

    Overheard at the Panera in the airport Worker: Here you go ma’am, have a great flight!! Customer: Thanks, you too! 🤦🏽‍♂️ #wevealldoneit

    4. Making up a fake excuse for being late to something (and sounding more remarkable than you actually are).

    [walks in meeting late] "Sorry I was busy with important-" SIRI (from pocket): OK here's what I found on the web for are hot dogs sandwiches

    5. Seeing a penny on the floor and deciding that bending over to get it isn't worth the effort.

    Everybody at one point in their life has said “fuck it” and vacuumed up 2 pennies.

    6. Pretending like you have a super-fun and busy schedule when you don't.

    Seeing someone is calling you & you wait a second to answer just so it seems like you have a life #wevealldoneit

    7. Scrolling through your phone and responding to texts on the toilet.

    8. Walking into a room and forgetting what you went in there for.

    Alexa, remind me in 35 seconds what I’m going into this next room for.

    9. Putting a beverage in the freezer to get it cold faster and forgetting about it.

    I may or may not have left a soda in the freezer.. If someone could invent an alarm for a freezer, to warn you before a soda blows up... I’d pay extra for that feature - immediately. I have a mess to clean up.. #LifeHack

    10. Hating your wardrobe but also refusing to change your style.

    ME: I hate all my clothes. ALSO ME: [buying almost exact replicas of the clothes I already own until the day I die]

    11. Secretly stalking people on social media, then finding yourself two years deep into their account.

    One minute you're casually scrolling accounts the next you're in 2013 looking at someone you don't even know #wevealldoneit

    12. Putting toothpaste on your finger and "brushing" your teeth when you don't have a toothbrush.

    When you don't have a toothbrush #WeveAllDoneIt

    13. Pushing a "pull" door and vice versa (even when there's a sign telling you which it is).

    Just enjoying my morning coffee watching people pull at a push door then push said door instead of pull it to leave the shop. You?

    14. Turning down the volume when you are driving and looking for your destination.

    #wealldoit #humor #humour #funny #meme

    15. Losing something right after you buy it.

    *buys 10 lip balms* [3 days later] Can’t find any of them.

    16. Saying a word or phrase in your head exactly like they did in the movie.

    Every time Salinas comes on in my head I say it like they did in the movie Selena. Salinaaaaas. If you haven’t seen the movie you’ll have no clue 😂 #LivePd