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    Sep 30, 2019

    16 Smarty-Pants People Who Are Thrifty Little Geniuses

    Hacks for all.

    1. This mom who cut the middle out of a water bottle to store her leftover cupcake:

    2. This mom who put a wineglass in the center of a chip bowl for dipping:

    3. This person who figured out a way to get all the groceries inside at once:

    4. This person who realized turning your toaster on its side allows you to reheat pizza:

    #LifeHack turn your toaster on it’s side to reheat your pizza πŸ•

    5. This mom who put food coloring in body soap so her kid could play "paint" in the tub:

    6. This mom who put foil under her oven burners so she never has to clean them:

    #LifeHack : I think my mum is living in 3019....@lifehackorg @LifehackerAU

    7. This mom who used an old bedsheet to keep her car seats clean:

    The car seat covers on my mom's car are starting to wear out. So she decided to replace them by using "The Simpsons" bedsheets. πŸ˜‚ #moms #asianmoms #thesimpsons #lifehacks #thingsmomsdo

    8. This mom who saves the tabs on juice containers as toys for her cat:

    9. This mom who uses a diaper when her drink is too cold:

    10. And this person who hides their wallet in a diaper at the beach:

    11. This person who uses a lint roller to get dust off their screen door:

    12. This person who uses stick-on hooks to hang pan lids on the inside of their cabinet door:

    13. This mom who used her kid's old sock to hold the wrapping paper together:

    14. And this mom who used a pool noodle to keep her kids from slamming the door:

    15. This mom who used a clip to keep her broken shoe strap together:

    16. And this mom who used her kid's old applesauce tubes to sneak booze into a show:

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