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    16 Reasons Why Pink Is Funny AF As A Mom And Actually Super Relatable

    "When you're almost done pumping, you know what's next...WINE. ALWAYS WINE."

    1. Guys, Pink does it all. She's an amazing singer, performer, wife, mom...the list goes on and on. And as someone who's ~super famous~ she somehow remains 100% relatable.

    Just ask Bridget from Budapest. She knows.

    pink / Via Instagram: @pink

    2. I mean, Pink knows that wine obviously comes immediately after a good milk pumping sesh.

    3. She knows how difficult it is to get a workout in with kids.

    4. She knows that trips to Michael's are super important.

    5. She knows that mom duties are always a priority, even if she's working.

    6. She understands that motherhood is not always laughs and giggles.

    7. She knows all too well about multitasking.

    8. She definitely believes in family Halloween costumes.

    9. She embraces the beauty of pregnancy.

    10. She takes her kid to work with her.

    11. She knows it's important for her kid to experience the little things, like her own lemonade stand.

    12. She twins with her little mini me.

    13. She picks out the very best onsies.

    14. She knows you can still do things with a baby attached to your boob.

    15. She knows that sometimes you just need to take a break in the middle of the floor.

    16. She knows how to have fun with her kids and their imagination.

    pink / Via

    I wonder if they ever caught that leprechaun.

    The shero of moms everywhere: PINK.

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