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    16 Funny AF Things Kids Did When Their Parents Weren't Looking

    If it's too quiet, something bad is always happening.

    1. This kid who casually just decided to jump out his window.

    2. This kid who thought dish soap would go perfectly with hotdogs and fries.

    3. And this kid who thought dousing sriracha sauce on their breakfast would be a great idea.

    4. This kid who decided to draw the whole family on the wall.

    5. These kids who are really interested in tampons.

    6. These kids who are attempting to create their own spiderwebs.

    7. And these kids who thought this room could use a little redecorating.

    8. This kid who decided they needed a haircut.

    9. This kid who wanted a little something to eat during playtime.

    10. And this kid who wanted a little "snow" during playtime.

    11. This kid who wanted to start a new trend by gluing buttons on their legs.

    12. And this kid who sticks with old trends by putting polish on their toes.

    13. This kid who decided toilet paper was a reasonable snack.

    14. And this kid who decided lipstick was also a reasonable snack.

    15. This kid who attempted to play every single game they had at the same time.

    16. And this kid. This kid who decided to paint their room with poop.