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17 Moms Who Are Hilariously Genius At Figuring Things Out On The Fly

Nothing compares to the handiwork of a mom.

1. This mom who couldn't find the rolling pin, so she used a bottle of Grey Goose.

2. This mom who wanted pockets in her favorite sweatpants, so she sewed some on.

veganhousewife / Via

3. This mom who didn't have a tampon, so she created the world's largest maxi pad.

stefanuch/Instagram / Via

4. This mom who reattached Batman’s leg with surgical tape.

oily_to_rise / Via

5. And this mom who fixed Batman with decorative tape.

randomminutes / Via

6. This mom who forgot to get candles for the birthday cake, so she used Smirnoff.

7. And this mom who also forgot to get candles, but found these old number candles that make "10" added together.

8. This mom who forgot her glasses, so she used a magnifying glass.

9. This mom who forgot poker chips, so she used chocolate instead.

10. This mom who used her kid's old soccer socks and sweatshirt to keep her doggo warm.

11. This mom who put frozen bandages on her foot to get relief from her itchy mosquito bites.

the_mommymelissa / Via

12. This mom who didn't have enough foil to cover her soup, so she just covered the center, obviously the most important part.

saadifi / Via

13. This mom who didn't have ice cream for her kids, so she used oatmeal instead.

thewatusies/Instagram / Via

14. And this mom who didn't have cake, so she put her kid's birthday candles in a potato.

caskid6 / Via

15. This mom who put raisins in her kid's Pez dispenser because she didn't have any candy.

emilyfabulous26 / Via

16. This mom who used tongs as locks for her kitchen cabinets.

kaitlynvtetz/Instagram / Via

17. And this mom who — bless her heart — didn't know how to take a screenshot, so she tried to scan her phone.

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