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    These 16 Husbands Deserve All The Applause For A Job Well Done

    A round of applause.

    1. This husband who made a flowchart for his wife on how to work the TV remote.

    2. This husband who replaced the numbers on his wife's scale with words describing how he sees her.

    3. This husband who wanted to make his wife smile after she couldn't fit into her dress.

    4. And this husband who has spa nights with his wife to make her happy.

    5. This husband who let his wife know that he DGAF if she spends too much money.

    _beegrauberger / Via Instagram: @beegrauberger

    6. This husband who made a reenactment photo of him and his husband at the LGBT March in Washington 24 years later.

    7. This husband who leaves sweet notes for his wife in the mornings.

    8. And this husband who also leaves ~sweet~ messages for his wife.

    9. This husband who surprised his wife with this loot first thing in the morning after she had a super busy night.

    _ivygirl11 / Via Instagram: @ivygirl11

    10. This husband who let his hairstylist wife experiment with colors on his mustache.

    _alldayidreamaboutbalayage / Via Instagram: @alldayidreamaboutbalayage

    11. This husband who surprised his wife with roses on her car after her morning workout.

    _theoildifference / Via Instagram: @theoildifference

    12. This husband who put this message on his wife's phone so when she takes selfies she will be reminded of his love.

    _farmerkristin / Via Instagram: @farmerkristin

    13. This husband who got these amazing floaties for both of them.

    _jordan_ashli / Via Instagram: @jordan_ashli

    14. And this husband who got this The Office themed pillow for his wife.

    _kristinkaynews / Via Instagram: @kristinkaynews

    15. This husband who got his wife a cookie cake after she decided to go back to school.

    _yeahitsmaddy / Via Instagram: @yeahitsmaddy

    16. And this husband who got his wife an amazing Disney cake, complete with a very serious birthday wish.

    _reignvisions / Via Instagram: @reignvisions

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