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    15 Pure And Innocent Tweets About The Coronavirus That'll Help You Remember We're All In This Together

    The cat obviously doesn't realize we are rationing our toilet paper rolls.

    Please take the coronavirus seriously and practice social distancing! It's important for everyone's safety. Here are some wholesome tweets to enjoy while you're cooped up at home...

    1. This person who understands the importance of letting your parents think they're always the first one to inform you of things:

    Tomorrow when your mom texts you that Tom Hanks has the Coronavirus. Don’t tell her you already know. Let her have this one.

    2. These doctors who know how to make the most of things, even during difficult times:

    #Iran: Fighting #COVID19, Iranian doctors and medical staff have kept their spirt high dancing a jig.

    3. These parents who are so genuinely pure, it's refreshing:

    My dad made these drums for the youth stake play, but it got cancelled because of the Corona virus everyday I come home to this. Grateful for my weird and fun parents who embrace goofing off. They keep this family interesting and a fun place to be 😂.

    4. And this dad who goes to extreme lengths to make his quarantined daughter feel as comfortable as possible:

    my sister has to self-quarantine after leaving her study abroad in Italy because of coronavirus and my dad set this up in her room zoom in pls

    5. This person who is able to bask in the glory of their preparedness:

    Her: You've been humming the Game of Thrones theme since we got back from Costco. Me: Yep. Her: Why? Me: No reason.

    6. This dog who legitimately knows how to protect himself:

    This was forwarded to me on WhatsApp so unfortunately can’t credit the person behind it, but it’s just so wonderful and wholesome 💚 #coronavirus #dogsoftwitter

    7. And this cat who is just an innocent bystander:

    8. This mom who passes out heartfelt care packages:

    With the coronavirus going around, Zoh's mom packed us these cute little care packages with face masks, alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, and wholesome messages 😭💕 I hope everyone is also staying safe and taking care of themselves!

    9. This kid who thinks buying an abundance of toilet paper means something very different:

    7-year-old: Why is everyone buying toilet paper? Me: The Corona virus. 7: Are they going to tp its house?

    10. And this cat who doesn't understand why the toilet paper can't be used for fun:

    My cat obs doesn’t realise we are meant to be rationing our toilet rolls #CoronaVirus 😂😂

    11. This person who is finally realizing there was a reason for their Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer obsession:

    My Bath & Body Works supply suggests that I knew about this months, maybe even years ago.

    12. This dad who truly thinks his famous beans take precedence over toilet paper:

    So yeah my dad has bought ZERO #toiletpaper but he HAS made a huge batch of his famous homemade baked beans for his #coronavirus bunker ...REALLY not sure how this is going to end 😧 😂😂😂

    13. And this cool dad who is excited about the new safety protocols:

    Hi guys, this is my dad. Hes an emergency doctor at hamad and its his first shift on the front line with the new Hamad protocols. This is all in efforts to combat the new coronavirus outbreak. Im so proud of him 🥳🤩🥰✌🏼🥵

    14. This person who is proud to be the sole supplier of tortilla chips:

    Sure all the toilet paper is gone but if you want tortilla chips, you’re gonna have to come to me

    15. And this person who is just counting their blessings in life:

    how i sleep knowing that my cat can’t catch the coronavirus