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    14 Times Being A Mom Made You Say, "Is This My Life Now?"

    Accept defeat.

    1. Doing things like defrosting a frozen tablet. Literally.

    2. Cooking dinner on the floor (while breastfeeding).

    3. Accepting that your grooming routine is nonexistent.

    4. And pretending to agree with your kid's definition of "pretty."

    5. Knowing that you can never let your kid out of your sight.

    6. Letting go of the idea that your vehicle will be 100% clean...

    7. ...because there's always horrors living under the carseat.

    8. Failing at something as simple as a ponytail.

    9. Searching for things your kid hides all the time.

    10. Gagging at the things your kid clogged the sink with.

    11. Keeping everyday objects out of your child's reach...

    12. ...and by "everyday objects" you mean everything.

    13. Learning to never leave food unattended.

    14. And offering open invitations to your pooping sessions.

    Me: "I have to poop, are you gonna stay here or are you gonna come watch me?" 6yo: "EEEEWWWWWW NOOOOOOOO, but maybe."

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