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19 Reasons Why Women Are So Much Stronger Than Men Could Ever Dare To Be

Just try and challenge this.

1. Our periods cause frequent, uncomfortable bloating.

2. And our periods (or birth control) can give us regular breakouts.

3. For routine preventative health care, a freezing cold speculum is put inside us, then stretched wide open.

4. We can get severe back and neck pain if our boobs are big:

One time my boobs hurt my neck so much that the ER doctor gave me a spinal tap b/c he thought I had meningitis. #bustygirls #bigboobssuck

5. And we have to put up with countless UNFUNNY jokes if they're small:

to the guys that messaged girls saying ‘happy pancake day’, bc they have small boobs, you’re scum

6. Our stomachs stretch to ungodly sizes during pregnancy:

7. And then we have to learn to love our new bodies after we give birth.

8. On the other hand, we are made to feel like we have to have a reason for not wanting kids.

So sick of people asking me how old I am then saying “oh you’re 24 & you don’t have kids yet?” or “you & cody need to have kids already!” or “oh are you not ready to have kids yet?” like mind your own goddamn business. Thanks.

10. And some of us experience uterine problems where constant pain and invasive procedures are a regular occurrence.

11. To prevent pregnancy, we have to have devices like IUDs inserted into our cervixes, which – if you're curious – feels like a hole punch to your insides.

12. We get mistreated for what we wear in public.

Here is what i was wearing when @AmericanAir asked me to deplane for a talk. At which point I was asked to “cover up”. When defending my outfit I was threatened with not getting back on the flight unless I walked down the aisle wrapped in a blanket. #notsofriendlyskies

13. If we have female issues going on internally, we may be required to get a transvaginal ultrasound, where a long-ass rod is shoved into us.

14. We are made to feel inadequate if we can't have children on our own.

A girl I follow on insta started stims for IVF and posted her getting her injections on her story and holy FCUK are we some strong ass women. I could never watch Chris do it to me and I could barely watch her doing it. Being a human pincushion is no joke. #InfertilitySucks

15. And we have people who want to decide our reproductive rights for us.

Also I love when men wanna argue about women’s reproductive rights yet can’t even locate the clitoris 🐸☕️

16. We can develop fibroids, which cause our already painful period cramps to be excruciating:

17. Our boobs literally get flattened into paper during cancer checks:

Pretty sure if men had to put their junk on a cold table and have it squeezed in a vice grip we would have better cancer screening technology #mammogram #cancersucks

18. Our cervix stretches 10 centimeters wide when giving birth (and then our vagina usually tears).

19. And if we don't give birth vaginally, our stomachs get sliced open and stretched wide enough to pull a baby out.

So, a little reminder...