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    15 Completely Insane Things Women Do When They're Pregnant

    We're all a little weird sometimes.

    1. Pushing on parts of your stomach to get your baby to move.

    2. Taking naps during regular activities.

    3. Sweating so badly you decide to just strip.

    dcrush1424 / Fox / Via

    4. Eating incredibly strange combinations of food.

    carried_away28 / Via

    That's cottage cheese and mustard if you must know.

    5. Talking to your fetus and/or asking it questions.


    6. Comparing your baby to the size of fruits.

    kaaylieexx / Via

    7. Cleaning everything in sight and enjoying it (also known as nesting).

    20th Century Fox

    8. Using your belly as a table.

    fitdentalmom / Via

    9. Peeing a little whenever you sneeze or laugh.

    kaywillojams / Via

    10. Having way too much fun dancing with your belly when you wear tight clothes.


    11. Sitting down during activities where you typically stand.

    Via Twitter: @dominiquedolls_

    You're not lazy, you're pregnant.

    12. Laughing, yelling, and crying all within five minutes of each other.

    13. Googling concerning things like this.

    14. Not zipping up your jeans.

    allgdthngsrwldnfree / Via Instagram: @allgdthngsrwldnfree

    15. And repeating these four steps daily.

    deepsouthlove / Via

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