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    15 Real AF Struggles You'll Totally Relate To If You Have A Flat Ass

    Baby don't got back...

    1. When you can't fill out the backside of your outfit.

    2. When you casually push your booty out so it looks more plump (especially in pictures).

    3. When sitting down is painful because there's not much ~cushion~.

    4. And when you're sitting on your S.O.'s lap, but your bones start poking them.

    5. When you realize some chins are actually plumper than your butt.

    6. When you think about taking matters into your own hands.

    Butt lifter shorts for $7.79? I'll take them.

    7. Or you start to consider extremely ridiculous ways to make your booty look bigger.

    8. When high-waisted jeans look like dad jeans on you.

    9. When squats are your go-to workout.

    10. When your friends understand your struggle.

    11. And you can totally joke about it together.

    12. If you've had a kid, it just totally vanished.

    13. When people don't realize that just because your butt is flat, it doesn't mean it isn't WIDE.

    14. When you have to wear a belt to hold up pants that should stay up on their own.

    15. But Kim wants a flat ass, so you are actually winning here.