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    15 Photos From The '90s That Prove Kids Today Will Never Understand The Struggle

    Now I feel really old.

    1. Your only form of communication during class was handwritten notes.

    mjonbli / Via

    Today's kids can just send a simple text.

    2. You had to spy on your ex or S.O. if you wanted to know what they were up to.


    Today's kids can just stalk them on social media.

    3. You had to record things on a VHS tape.

    tgraf86 / Via

    Today's kids just hit a button.

    4. You had to wait several minutes to connect to your dial-up internet.

    Today's kids just automatically connect to wifi.

    5. You had to physically leave the house to rent a movie.

    ttitudenation / Via

    Today's kids can sit on the couch and instantly watch whatever they want.

    6. You had to get the photos from your disposable camera printed to see what they looked like.

    todayskidswillneverknow_9 / Via

    Today's kids can just touch a button on their phone and they don't even have to wind anything up.

    7. You had to make your own ankle socks.

    mrbitoni / Via

    Today's kids can just buy a pair.

    8. You had to set an actual alarm clock.

    kgibson1030 / Via kgibson1030

    Today's kids can set as many alarms as they want on their phone.

    9. You had to play games on the computer that you didn't even understand.

    sirjammin_ / Via

    Today's kids have tutorials on YouTube.

    10. You had to listen to music on a Walkman...and try to fit it in your pocket.

    _cash_me_outside_ / Via

    Today's kids get to watch music videos while they listen to songs online.

    11. You had to call and ask your crush's parents if you could talk to them.

    ptsulton / Via You had to ask your crush's parents if you could talk to them.

    Today's kids can see if you're interested through a text.

    12. You had to manually roll up the window.

    colss88 / Via

    Today's kids just have to push a button.

    13. You used giant, plastic cartridges to play games.

    ninstalgia1 / Via

    Today's kids just need a DVD and they don't have to blow into them either.

    14. Your video games were so pixelated you could barely tell what you were playing.

    captiancookies / Via captiancookies

    Today's kids have video games that look like real life.

    15. And you had to learn how to make a whole pot of macaroni and cheese if you wanted it because EASY MAC WASN'T EVEN A THING!

    j_middlet / Via