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Updated on Jul 14, 2019. Posted on Jul 13, 2018

15 Of The Funniest Texts People Have Sent While Heavily Intoxicated

Happy 20k4 u slut <333333

1. This grandchild who gives very sincere b-day wishes:

airplanecat / Via

2. And this daughter who gives very blunt New Year wishes:

3. This sibling who doesn't know directions, but sure does know a Khalid song when they see it:

dankmemepromise / Via

4. This person who recommends going to a porn site to view Disney movies:

5. This home-seeker who asks for unobtainable goals:

acpass / Via

6. This person who can't seem to remember anything:

_buxombiscuit / Via Instagram: @buxombiscuit

7. This person who loves lettuce a little too much:

8. And this person who needs help in more areas than one:

9. This person who needs to know every single detail about their bestie's life:

_megzy_plz / Via Instagram: @megzy_plz

10. This person who doesn't recognize their own home:

11. This person who becomes very dangerous when intoxicated:

12. And this person who is even more self-destructive:

13. This person who knows how to send pics of oysters, not dial phone numbers:

14. This person who overthinks things, like The Parent Trap:

15. And this person who engages in conversations with themselves:

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