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    These Disgusting Food Combinations Will Haunt You Forever

    Ketchup and bananas anyone?

    There are some people in this world who, sigh, just shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen...

    1. Like this person who thinks sliced carrots, boiled eggs, and beans goes together.

    needsmoregravy / Via Instagram: @needsmoregravy

    2. This person who started out fine with rice and beans, but then made this atrocity.

    playtimecares / Via Instagram: @playtimecares

    3. This person who mixes applesauce and Hamburger Helper.

    reservedjesse / Via

    4. This person who throws sushi in their chili like it's crushed Saltines.

    taztammyann / Via

    5. This person who serves bananas with ham and some mystery yellow glaze.

    6. This person who thinks ketchup is a good topping for bananas.

    7. This person who eats peanut butter sandwiches with chopped up onions.

    8. This person who dips pears in ketchup like French fries.

    kaitlynne_kat / Via

    9. And this person who slaps a dollop of Miracle Whip on their pears.

    10. This person who boils an egg, removes the center, and replaces it with a pool of ketchup.

    curvycarolyn / Via

    11. This person who enjoys ham and cheese...topped with peaches.

    seanicus1967 / Via

    12. This person who eats sour cream covered grapes.

    senshi_moments / Via

    13. This person who eats cheeseburgers with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

    randall_bulldogsofbullied / Via

    14. This person who throws lentils in their brownies like they're chocolate chips.

    triplejbaking / Via

    15. And, omg, this person. This person who eats chicken stuffed with octopus legs.

    playtimecares / Via Instagram: @playtimecares

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