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    Updated on Apr 22, 2020. Posted on Apr 22, 2020

    15 Teachers Who Are Taking Online Classes Way Too Seriously

    Please dress business casual for our classroom Zoom meetings.

    We've seen a lot of teachers who are really getting into the whole ~online schooling~ thing in a hilarious way. Well, here are 15 who take things a little more seriously:

    1. This teacher who still won't tolerate snacking during class — even if you're at home:

    tell me why I was eating cookies on zoom and my professor was like “I’ll wait” maannnnn

    2. This teacher who is going to extreme lengths to make sure their students don't cheat during exams:

    My teacher talking bout for our test we need to download “browser lockdown” & turn on our camera on so he can record us taking the test. Sir RELAX.

    3. This teacher who insists students still put effort into getting ready for class:

    my teacher said she want us to still dress business casual 🥱

    4. This teacher who gives lectures longer than the actual class time in school:

    Professor keeps posting lectures longer than our class period........

    5. This teacher who has four backup plans to keep school resuming as usual:

    my professor is prepared for this pandemic and has 4 backup plans which one of them we have to use the radio.... I-

    6. This teacher who unmutes students' microphones so they answer questions:

    my teacher really do be unmuting people’s microphones when no one answers his questions

    7. This teacher who wakes students up early to get them started on school work:

    My professor really had us wake up early in the morning just to send us a message to get us to work on the assignment 😂 Goodnight

    8. And this teacher who decides to start class more than three hours earlier than it used to IRL:

    Why does my teacher think it’s okay to start the lectures earlier than the actual class did? My 2:30 class now started at 11:00 while I was asleep😕

    9. This teacher who continues to post new assignments at all hours of the day:

    why is my teacher posting assignments SIR ITS 3 IN THE MORNING

    Twitter: @itsschryss

    10. This teacher who is making tests with more than 100 questions:

    My teacher is scared of his students cheating so hes making our midterm 100 questions in 95 minutes... This test is on 6 chapters...and now I feel like I have to memorize every damn word of the book 😭

    11. And this teacher who only allows 12 minutes for them:

    my history professor really only put 12 minutes to take our tests

    12. This teacher who texts students if they're not present in online class:

    i was planning on skipping my class and my teacher just texted me where i was uhm...

    13. This teacher who makes students upload videos of them burning their scratch paper to avoid dishonesty:

    I think #Covid_19 has made my professor insane! @UARKBrokeThings @BarstoolUA

    14. This teacher who is assigning more projects now that students have "more time":

    My professor really just justified giving us ANOTHER project with “You guys have more time now, so it should be fine.”

    15. And this teacher who — let's be real — is doing everyone a solid by not tolerating nudity of any kind in class:

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