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15 Moms Whose Weird Ideas Might Just Be Genius

*keeps Q-tips in salsa jars*

1. This mom who made invitations for her pizza party with real cheese.

2. This mom who keeps Q-tips in a salsa jar.

3. This mom who made a bagel necklace for "when you're hungry, but you want to look good, too."

4. This mom who doesn't need a dryer.

5. This mom who made chip clips out of a pants hanger.

6. This mom who found a way to cool off french fries in her car.

7. This mom who uses a straw for mess-free Go-Gurt.

8. This mom who makes coffee ice cubes for her iced coffee so it never gets watered down.

9. This mom who uses an iron when she is on vacation and there isn't an oven.

10. This mom who makes eggs in the oven.

11. This mom who uses 12-pack soda boxes to separate breast milk.

12. This mom who uses dish soap and apple cider to keep away gnats.

13. This mom who straps in her watermelon to keep it from rolling around in the car.

14. This mom who found a hands-free way to shop with a basket full of groceries and a baby.

15. And this mom who provided a nice place for her kid to rest her head during shopping trips.