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    16 Moms Who Have More Productivity In Their Pinky Than You Have In Your Whole Body

    Master momtaskers!

    1. This mom who cleans, carries her baby, and manages to maintain a good skincare regime all at once.

    2. And this mom who works with one hand, holds her baby with the other, and successfully feeds her at the same time.

    3. This mom who produces milk while simultaneously getting ready.

    4. This mom who gets her hair done, breastfeeds, and works like a boss.

    5. This mom who breastfeeds two babies while playing hide 'n' seek with her toddler.

    6. This mom – and teacher – who grades papers while keeping her baby sound asleep in her arms.

    7. This mom who has mastered getting ready while simultaneously breastfeeding her kid.

    8. This mom who gets a workout in while her toddler crawls all over her.

    9. And this mom who does crunches while holding her baby.

    10. This mom who pushes a stroller, a suitcase, several book bags, and a baby at the airport.

    11. This mom who works and feeds her baby while it's strapped to her.

    12. This mom who cooks with a step stool so her baby doesn't have to wait to be fed.

    13. This mom who feeds her baby, works, and pumps for the next feeding simultaneously.

    14. This mom who plays the flute while breastfeeding.

    15. This mom who still fits in her favorite hobby while she does laundry.

    16. And this mom who NEVER misses an episode of The Bachelor...even if it is bath time.

    Moms. They can do it all.