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15 Moms Who Failed So Hard They Probably Said A Few Cuss Words

Mom brain, Google it.

1. This mom who sent her kid to school with a moldy sandwich.

2. This mom who thought having her kid puke in a Ziploc bag was a genius idea.

3. This mom who tried to plug her pool drain with a baby carrot.

4. This mom who somehow managed to knock the AC unit out the window.

5. This mom who put a suction cup speaker on her forehead. (Also, where do you even find something like that?)

6. And this mom who walked around for part of the day without blending her foundation.

7. This mom who didn't check her son's pockets before washing his pants.

8. This mom who learned the hard way that you can't hot glue patches on a Girl Scout vest; you have to sew them.

9. This mom who got this note after she forgot to tend to her tooth fairy duties.

10. And this mom who got this note from her starving child because she forgot to go to the grocery store.

11. This mom who forgot to pay for parking.

12. This mom who tried to make a sword pancake.

13. This mom who washed her kid's teddy bear.

14. This mom who dropped her phone and shattered the screen in a million little pieces.

15. And this mom whose actions just cannot be explained.