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15 Memes That Will Completely Melt Your Heart If You're With The Love Of Your Life

Me on the first date vs. me when I'm comfortable with you.

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1. When they still look at you the same way they did the first time you met.

2. When they get so excited because you are so excited.

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3. When they're the only person you want to Netflix and chill with.

4. When they have seen every side of you and you still know they love you.


5. When you have nothing to hide, even on your phone.

6. When they willingly give you the attention just because you want it.


7. When they want to listen to how your day went, even if it was horrible.

8. When they are so excited about you enjoying things, they don't even care about enjoying things themselves.

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9. When they leave and you can't wait for them to come back.

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10. When they give up sleep and drop everything just to talk about what's on your mind.

11. When they are good to you and you know you can trust them.

12. When they are your number one fan.

13. When they pamper you just because you love them.


14. When they treat you like an '11'.

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15. And when they sacrifice for you, even if they're mad at you.

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