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    12 Reasons You Should Say "Hell Yeah" About Your Body After Childbirth

    It needs to be said.

    1. If you have stretch marks, they aren't ugly — they are normal.

    Gary Sanchez Productions

    Your skin stretched because you brought another human being into this world and you should be freaking proud of those damn stretchies.

    2. If you're still carrying some extra tummy weight, give yourself a break.


    Your stomach stretched to the size of a WATERMELON to fit a human being inside it, and that's pretty incredible.

    3. If you're getting night sweats, think of it as a way to lose weight without exercising.😉


    Totally winning.

    4. If you notice more spider veins, realize this is just the universe telling you it's okay to wear sweatpants everyday.


    And if you want to wear shorts, people DGAF about some stupid veins.

    5. If your feet grew a size or two, just embrace it.


    A woman can always use a new pair of shoes.

    6. If some of your hair starts falling out, no one really notices it except you.


    And even if they do notice, they’re probably thinking, “Man, she looks super hot with thin hair.” 😉

    7. And, hey, brag about dem big ole' titties if you must.


    Your body made milk on its own. NBD.

    8. If you're experiencing some pain down there, think about the fact that your risk of getting ovarian cancer may have been lowered by 20% because you had a baby!

    It's true, folks. Check it out here.

    9. And if your breasts are leaking 24/7, think about the fact that breastfeeding is thought to reduce your risk of breast cancer by 20%!


    YASSSS. Read about this as well here!

    10. If your skin starts to change, just be grateful you don't have to experience puberty at 13 again.

    TV One

    You're rockin' those skin changes, mama.

    11. If your tastebuds changed, that's just pregnancy broadening your palate.


    Look at all those new foods you were missing out on!

    12. And if you're peeing a little when you sneeze, just tell everyone it is your new hidden talent.

    Try to do that one, boys.

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