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15 Really Obvious Ways To Tell If Someone Is A Millennial Parent

The Snapchat filters look way better on your kids.

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1. Your social media statuses typically consist of something funny your kid did or said.

2. Actually, your social media accounts are pretty much just your kid's baby book.

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3. You admittedly spent a little too much time making sure your child's birthday party was perfect.

4. But, it was so worth it, TBH.

See the article here.

See the article here.

5. You use the Snapchat filters more on your kids than you do on yourself.

Waterson / Via BuzzFeed

It's great entertainment, TBH.

6. You had a gender reveal party before your kid was born.

jonaenicoleiv / Via

7. And you had a really creative pregnancy announcement.

lexario28 / Via

8. Your kid understands allergies as well as an adult.

9. You fully understand how to use hashtags.

markedbymotherhood / Via


10. You have a Pinterest account just so you can get ideas for your kid's Halloween costume.

11. You take selfies with your kid... a lot.

gracielovesit / Via

12. But you’ve definitely had your kid use your phone to take a picture of you.

4kidsandabiz / Via

13. You sometimes get a little ~extra~ when you pack your kid's lunch.

14. You have maternity photos, birth photos, newborn baby photos... you basically have photos (and videos) of every moment in your kid's life.

_normaa22 / Via

15. And, since you're a millennial, you also realize this.

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