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14 New Year's Resolutions That Have Already Gone To Hell


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1. When the door-hanging pull up bar you just got for Christmas turns into a coat rack.

efpinoy / Via Instagram: @efpinoy

2. When you just can't say no to those damn Girl Scout cookies.

3. And when you just can't say no in general.

4. When your kid doesn't give a shit about your resolutions.

5. When your workout plans turn into afternoon naps.

6. When you just can't kick that negativity from your life.

7. And when those binge-watching habits lower your productivity to zero.

8. When your resolution to not eat in bed backfires.

shamsahamersi / Via Instagram: @shamsahamersi

9. And when your resolution to not eat sweets also backfires. Like this person, who decided that as long as no one could see them eating, it didn't actually happen.

melaroo3 / Via Instagram: @melaroo3

10. When your plans to not drink in the new year get ruined on the first day.

11. When you vowed to read more, but got sucked into the abyss that is your phone.

12. When giving up online shopping is hopeless.

13. When others can talk the talk, not walk the walk.

14. And when others shouldn't make such unattainable goals for themselves.

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