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14 Super Easy Halloween Costumes Only Pregnant People Can Pull Off

Super easy and super cute.

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1. A ninja turtle.

stephscade / Via Instagram: @stephscade

2. A baby emerging from your belly.

3. A mummy.

katiegonano / Via Instagram: @katiegonano

4. A deer.

simply / Via Instagram: @simply

5. A kangaroo.

falamarcela / Via Instagram: @falamarcela

6. An avocado.

firsttimemommaa / Via Instagram: @firsttimemommaa

7. A snowman.

iiebmkimuii / Via

8. A pregnant kitten.

talarakay / Via

9. Or a kitten with a ball of yarn.

10. A disco ball.

theeternalbloom / Via

11. Miley and her wrecking ball.

ticaboom / Via

12. A gum ball machine.

mrsheckler / Via

13. An eight ball.

nbrown93 / Via

14. Or Winnie the Pooh.

nastasja_darling / Via Instagram: @nastasja_darling

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