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14 Absurd Lies People Try To Tell You About Motherhood

I call bullshit.

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1. "Your life is over."

Little Mix

Your life is not over. Your career is not over. You didn't die – you had a baby. Your life will be different, but you can still have dreams, goals, and that occasional crazy girl's night out.


5. "You're not allowed to be sexy anymore."

20th Century Fox

One of the biggest lies in all of parenthood. Just because you're a mom doesn't mean you have to look like a paper bag for the rest of your life.


11. "You have to get back to the size you were before you had a baby."

20th Century Fox

Look, you spent NINE F&^%ING months housing another human being. To say your body will be the exact same afterwards is ridiculous. You are strong AF and look damn good no matter what size you are.