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    13 Ways Parents Have Sex But Will Never Admit To

    We know you do it.

    1. You surprise your kids with extended gaming time so you can go play, too.

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    Bonus if you get your kids to wear headphones.

    2. Anytime the kids are sleeping, you're not. 😉

    Mars Entertainment, Inc.

    Nap time/bedtime = sex time.

    3. Ah, the schedulers. You literally plan the day and time you have sex.

    Pencil me in!

    4. You tell your partner you're ready to get down in a sext.

    BuzzFeed / Via Torres

    As Elsa would say, time to "let it go."

    5. When your kids are watching their morning cartoons, you simply crank up the volume and run into the bedroom.

    20th Century Fox Television

    The downside is you end up doin' it to the beat of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

    6. You send the kids to your parents for an all-nighter. They get quality grandparent time and you get quality love-making time.

    Walt Disney

    You might actually get to have sex multiple times for once.

    7. You kill three birds with one stone. Shower, sex and lower water bills.

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    8. You give the kids 15 minutes to clean their room so you can do your own house cleaning.


    And they aren't allowed to come out until you're ready to inspect.

    9. You've definitely met at home on your lunch break for a nooner.

    You "jump" on every opportunity.

    10. You fake a headache so your partner has to come "check" on you.

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    It's your go-to excuse and it works every time.

    11. You hire a babysitter for a date night, then get creative with out-of-the-house intercourse possibilities.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    This isn't the same as paying for sex, or is it?!

    12. You sneak in a sesh during your kids' extracurricular activities.

    Flickr: globalx

    A real soccer mom scores while the kids are at practice.

    13. You teach your kids to give you privacy in the bathroom for when you're feeling ~the urge~ and your partner isn't home.

    Apex Film

    You are the Lone Ranger.

    You did it! You have kids and you found time for sex. Congratulate your partner and wait another three months.

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