13 People Who Are Definitely Not Getting Burnt This Summer

    There's no such thing as too much sunscreen.

    1. This guy in a wetsuit who makes sure to cover every inch of exposed skin in sunscreen:

    2. And this guy whose face is 100% safe:

    3. This guy who bathes in bottles of sunscreen:

    4. This kid who makes sure his arm is properly coated:

    5. And this kid who gets ~most~ of the important areas:

    6. This person who trusts their topless friends to cover them head to toe in sunscreen.

    7. This guy who applies several layers on his face:

    8. And this woman who likely does the same:

    9. This guy who knows a burned back is a bad back:

    10. And this guy who knows a burned front might be worse:

    11. This couple who uses sunscreen like a face mask:

    12. This person who really wants burn-free legs:

    13. And this person who properly stocks their house with the essentials: