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    These 13 Moms Have Sadly Been Defeated By Their Milk-Producing Boobs

    Like trying to feed the baby and eat chicken wings at the same time.

    1. This mom who – bless her heart – can't seem to get through the night without her boobs leaking all over the place.

    camwimberly1 / Via

    2. And this mom who can't quite get the grip right when holding a bottle of her freshly pumped milk. (Don't worry, sweetie, we've all been there.)

    katefasci / Via Instagram: @katefasci

    3. Then there's this mom who let her equipment sterilize a little too long and it all melted together. Oops.

    jenschultzfitness / Via

    4. This mom who tried to do the impossible: eat chicken wings while breastfeeding. "A" for effort.

    allie389 / Via Instagram: @allie389

    5. And let's talk about this mom, who also deserves an "A" for effort. I think it's safe to say the grease stains were worth it.

    ausmazing / Via Instagram: @ausmazing

    6. This mom who didn't realize she was taking part in the #freethenipple movement. (Just place an emoji over the nip, momma.)

    7. This poor mom who didn't seal her milk storage bag all the way and it leaked out in her freezer. Ice cube milk anyone?

    herlittledogtoo / Via Instagram: @herlittledogtoo

    8. This mom who left her pumping kit unattended and her kid hilariously tried to pump himself. Ah, if only your kids could help produce milk in real life.

    9. This mom who might need a little more practice when it comes to breastfeeding in public. TBH, though, it makes for a hilarious picture.

    scarlett_evelyn_1317 / Via Instagram: @scarlett_evelyn_1317

    10. This mom who probably had really sore nipples the next day. Plus side: she also probably had a shit ton of milk.

    11. This mom who let her baby drink a little too much, causing quite the spit up accident. On her face. Yum.

    12. This mom who only packed half of the stuff she needed to pump on vacation. I wonder if she ended up having to squeeze her boobs by hand?

    alicia_coutts / Via Instagram: @alicia_coutts

    13. And this mom who spilled breast milk all over the keyboard. Looks like another reason why women need a year off work after having a baby...

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