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13 Cats Who Literally Just Can't

Like literally...

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1. This cat is just not having anything right now.

2. *stares into your soul*

3. "Literally, like I said no pictures. Should I spell it out for you?"

4. Sibling love just isn't a thing here.

5. This cat looks pretty pissed about his bath...

6. ...but this one is ready to do something about it.

7. Sticking his tongue out because he doesn't care what you think.


8. This picture is exactly why you should never wake up a sleeping cat.

9. "Just get off of me, Carl!"

10. This cat is not thrilled with his hair cut.

"Stupid human"

"Stupid human"

11. "I just want some me time."

12. This cat just couldn't "can't even" anymore.

Poor guy...

Poor guy...

13. Of course, the leader of annoyed cats everywhere.

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