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Harry Potter Sorting Quiz: Krista's Birthday Edition

Get yourself sorted before you enter.

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  1. What do you do after a long day at work?

    Stay up reading a very good book cause ya an intelligent bitch.
    Marathon horror films on Netflix.
    Eat a delish meal with your partner/pet/imaginary friend while watching the Food Network.
  2. What is your favourite thing about the angel that is Krista?

    The shade she throws.
    She is a nice gyal and her artwork is pretty.
    She is a loyal bish, love her friends to death and will fight any of their haters!
    She reads and isn't a Republican? Duh
  3. Your friend is upset because Draco Malfoy was a f*ckboi to her. What ya do?

    Slap him so hard his hairline recedes even further, then call him a ferret (HP4 reference for da tru fans)
    Nothing? It ain't ya place or your responsibility to deal with this drama!! Maybe participate in a little shit talk session.
    Write an essay on the reasons why Draco Malfoy is a problematic f*ck boi and why they should dump him. Also send your friend a lot of texts telling them how much you love them.
    Give Draco cut-eye in da halls and NEVER speak to him again. Tell your friend they are flawless***
  4. You have a day to apparate ANYWHERE in the world. Where would ya go?

    Somewhere you've never been before so you can experience and learn about a new place and their literature and art and food!
    Diagon Alley and then hit up Hogwarts.
    A beach where it is warm and nice and tropical.
    Somewhere with a beautiful lake and lots of trees and no people.
  5. Hermione likes someone in ya crew that you like. She asks for dating advice. What do you say?

    Give her amazing and logical advice cause you is a smart wizard and friends come first.
    Tell her she is going to marry Ronald Weasley anyways but they would be a cute ass couple because ya a loyal friend
    Steal her manz lowkey/highkey probably
    Put aside ya feelings and tell her to get her manz cause you love ya gal.

Harry Potter Sorting Quiz: Krista's Birthday Edition

You got: Gryffindor

You're a BAUS and brave- just like the birthday girl (and our hero Harry Potter). Congratulations ya flawless angel!!!!

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You got: Ravenclaw

You are a nerd. But hey- at least you're not a Hufflepuff! Bless up!

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You got: Slytherin

Well... as I am sure you and everyone else arounds you already knows... you are a god damn SNAKE. Ambitious but an ass. P.S. Don't steal anyone's manz/womanz or any of my possessions. Thanks.

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You got: Hufflepuff

Congratulations! You played your god damn self! Thank goodness you have Sarah A-R in your crew or else you would be kicked out for being LAME.

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