Tumblr Users Have Discovered A Pun Which Works In So Many Languages


1. Last year, Tumblr user @crumpledpornoandaynrand posted a bi-lingual pun she discovered to her page.

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2. Quickly other Tumblr users found more languages the pun worked in, and added these to the post.

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3. In case you’re confused: In English the joke is “purr” (the sound cats make) and purgatory — (an intermediate state prior to ascending to heaven.)


4. In Spanish (which should be a dónde van los gatos cuando mueren?), the pun is purGATOrio, as the Spanish word for cat is gato.

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5. In Italian it’s similar again — PurGATTOrio = Gatto (cat) plus purgatorio (purgatory).

6. And it works in Portuguese as well — PurGATOrio = gato (cat) plus purgatório (purgatory).

7. But in French it’s a bit of a stretch — purCHATtoire = Chat (cat) plus purgatoire (purgatory).

8. One Reddit user pointed out that it even works in Hindi.

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