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People Have Been Donating Their Jewellery To Make Leonardo DiCaprio His Own Oscar

People donated jewelry and precious metals to ensure DiCaprio had his own statue.

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In an opening post in the group, Egorova explained the pair were collecting together to "create and give DiCaprio, our favorite actor, a unique statue."

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"Dear friends! Welcome to our group. This initiative called Oscar for Leo is created by me. The Facebook group itself is created by Sardana Savvina. Thanks to her for that. All people here value creations of Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the greatest modern actors. The purpose of this group is to create and give DiCaprio, our favourite actor, a unique statue. To do this we want to start donations. This initiative gains popularity, more people want to join. But for now this group is private, because we don't have a banking account set up yet and no drawings of the future statue yet made. Will be glad to hear your suggestions. Our success is in our own hands!"

By February, the group's efforts had been noticed by local TV stations.

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They had begun working with local artists to create their own unique statue — the traditional Oscars figurine, but now holding a choron, a Yakutian symbol of harmony and spiritual strength.

An article on Channel One Russia said the organizers were calling on Yakutian women who love DiCaprio to donate their jewelry to make up the three kilograms of precious metals needed to make the Oscar.


Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Tatyana Egorova explained the significance of DiCaprio for the Yakutian people.

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"There are lots of people living in Yakutia. But we united to pay tribute to our favorite actor, Leonardo DiCaprio," she said.

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