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Women Are Standing Up For Natural Hair With The Hashtag #SupportThePuff

The hashtag is in reaction to the suspension of a group of female students for their "unkempt" hair.

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Last week, local media reported that a group of girls were allegedly suspended from CR Walker High School in Nassau, Bahamas, for having "untidy" hair.

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However, Turkessa Deleveaux, a mother of one of the girls involved posted to Facebook, saying she is "standing up" against "foolishness" and protecting her daughter's right to have natural hair.

Facebook: thequietstorm80

The next day, Deleveaux said children at the school had begun standing up for their natural hair, telling teachers they were supporting "the puff".

Facebook: thequietstorm80

The phrase caught on and inspired social media users to defend natural hair with the hashtags #ISupportthepuff and #Supportthepuff

When your school about to go on strike for our natural hair rights. ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #SupportThePuff

#SupportThePuff 💕💕❗❗


#supportthepuff A principal in the Bahamas said that a student couldn't wear her hair In a puff. Said it was unkept. Sign the petition

Many people are also sharing photos of their own natural hair to support the girls.


Some accounts are also sharing photos of the hair of one of the girls caught up in the controversy.

Sign the petition to #supportthepuff

#SupportThePuff #WeMatter #IndependentElizabeth #RealityCheck #Bahamas

On Monday Deleveaux updated her Facebook, saying she "ain't backing down" and will keep fighting for natural hair.

Facebook: thequietstorm80

Rachael Krishna is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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