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A Zoo Dressed Up A Keeper As A Giant Zebra And Staged An Earthquake

The fake zebra was then chased with a fake stun gun, because.

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Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, Japan, carries out an annual test to see if keepers are able to handle extreme situations. Each year, it conducts the test with a different animal — in the past it has simulated gorilla, rhino, and orangutan emergencies.


On Tuesday, keepers acted out a scenario in which a zebra escaped its cage during an earthquake. It also involved the animal injuring a keeper and giving another a heart attack.

Thankfully the situation ended positively, with the fake zebra being shot with a fake stun gun and moved onto a pickup truck, much to the delight of gathered zoo visitors.

The zoo keepers play the animals in these drills as, thanks to their jobs, they have a deep understanding of how each animal would behave. Speaking to The Guardian, Yumi Tamura, the keeper who played the zebra, said she understood the animal's fear.

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