A Man Mocked This Woman's Graduation Photo With Nutella Blackface

    The abuse came after she shared an inspiring photo of her graduation day.

    Tobi Rachel Akingbade is a 24-year-old from London.

    In September, she graduated from university after several years of hardship. After her graduation she shared a photo on Twitter to celebrate her achievement.

    I failed uni twice. Did my final year three times. I graduated today. I give all the Glory to God. #TrustYourStruggle

    Akingbade told BuzzFeed News she immediately noticed people mocking the tweet and trolling but decided not to interact. "I had just taken off my graduation gown," she said. "What on earth could really bother me?"

    However, last Friday, she noticed a Twitter account had parodied her tweet, only instead of her photo, they used one of someone simulating blackface with Nutella chocolate spread.

    The tweet has since been removed.

    When she highlighted why the tweet was offensive, she was sent further abuse.

    The owner of the "blackface" account apologised to Akingbade, but she felt the apology was lacking.

    In response, Akingbade wrote a Medium post to "Mr Nutella Blackface", calling out his behaviour as racist.

    Since publishing the piece, Akingbade has received numerous tweets standing in solidarity with her.

    I love how what that idiot meant for bad has in turn exposed his ignorance to the world and also shown the world how good @TobiRachel_ is 📝

    Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Akingbade said she wrote the piece after she noticed accounts trolling her abuser.

    I am a warrior for women like @TobiRachel_ she's strong and brave. X

    "Two wrongs do not make a right and two trolls cannot win a fight," she said. "I had no intentions of defending his actions and I knew I could not forgive him, educate, and really explain my point in a few tweets."

    @TobiRachel_ - I'm so angry that you went through that. But your response is just so Tobi and I absolutely love it.

    When asked about the response, she said she had received messages from across the world expressing solidarity with her experience: "Isn't solidarity such a beautiful thing?"

    Lolololol. This is what happens when you troll @TobiRachel_ . Not only a phenomenal women. But an epic writer. https://t.co/ZBCR3iYo72