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    People Can't Stop Looking At These Delicate Flower Print Tattoos

    This is incredibly relaxing.

    Rita is a 23-year-old tattoo artist from Kiev, Ukraine.

    Rita moved to Kiev after finishing university and began training as a tattoo artist. Rita told BuzzFeed News she always loved flower and nature designs, but wanted to get them as natural as possible.

    So Rita decided to begin using actual flowers as her stencils.

    "You would anyway interpret the object in your own way, and the result is always a styled picture," she said.

    She was told by friends to share her beautiful designs to Instagram. Videos of her creations often get thousands of views.

    Zolotukhina said people bring her plants and flowers that carry symbolic meaning for them. She's been visited by people from around the world who've brought an array of plants for her to print and tattoo.

    She said that while the reaction to her beautiful designs has happened quickly, she is "very happy and grateful" people like her work.