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After Being Called A "Cow" This Model Posted The Best Response To Her Critics

What a body-positive queen.

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Iskra Lawrence is a plus-size model from the UK. She has worked on campaigns for Simply Be and Aerie.

Instagram: @iamiskra

A week ago, she shared a photo from a recent trip to Puerto Rico.

Instagram: @iamiskra

Under the photo, one Instagram user commented that Lawrence was a "fat cow" and was eating "too many bags of crisps".

So Lawrence posted a series of photos in response to the user, starting with her lying on a bed of crisps.

Instagram: @iamiskra

She wrote below:

✨😝I'm sorry I couldn't help myself...This is for anyone who has ever been called FAT. Thanks for the inspirational words on a recent pic @zseanzbrown πŸ‘‡πŸΌ "Fat cow. It's only cus every F****r on this planet is obese that that's the norm... Plus-size models? give me a F*****g breaking. Everyone needs to stop eating McDonald's, the NHS is f****d because of people like her eating too many bags of crisps." Opinions are like arseholes - everyone's got oneπŸ™Œ thanks to the dream team for making this happen at work today, by @ricktphoto

Lawrence then continued her perfect clapback by eating a packet of crisps in a slow-mo video, writing, "This is for anyone who has ever been called FAT."

Instagram: @iamiskra

And one final message to her critics.

Lawrence's fans quickly commented on all her posts, sending their support and praising her body-positive message.

BuzzFeed News has contacted Lawrence for comment.

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