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Millions Of People Like This Man's Tattoo Tribute To His Grandma

Léo Javiel told BuzzFeed his grandmother was an "amazing" woman.

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He decided to turn it into a tattoo. When he got to the studio the owner, Tiago Lopes, agreed to do the art under one condition: He would not be paid.

Instagram: @tiago_tat2

Javiel told BuzzFeed News that the session was beautiful. The two men talked about Neiva and had a few drinks in memory of her.

"Hi guys. I have always been against the idea of tattooing your body, cause that's the way I was raised and my religion also prohibits it. Never understood why someone would do it, until I saw your tattoo about that note from a grandmother. That made total sense. Thanks for healing my mind. May the peace of Jesus be with you."

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