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This Man Took His Taxi Driver To A Theme Park Because He'd Never Been

The driver had never been to a theme park or on a roller coaster before.

Liam Murphy is a test engineer from Cork, Ireland. He is currently visiting the United Arab Emirates for work.

On Sunday he decided to take a trip to indoor theme park Ferrari World. On the way, he discovered that his taxi driver, Shakiha, had never visited the theme park and "was going to wait in the car for four hours".

Shakiha toured the theme park with Murphy and had his first roller coaster ride on the fastest in the world.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Murphy said Shakiha has lived in Abu Dhabi for 14 years.

"Every time he drops passengers off he stays in the car for the day," Murphy said. "I decided to bring him along for the laugh. He was great entertainment. I bought him some pizza on the way home. His family are in India and he said he sends money home each month. I felt sorry for him. "

According to Murphy, Shakiha felt a bit ill – but both men enjoyed their day together.