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This Korean Man Has Totally Nailed How To Be British


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YouTuber KoreanBilly has produced a series of videos teaching non-British people essential British traits.

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Billy, whose Korean name is Seong-Jae Kong, began making the videos after developing an interest in British culture. As a journalism and broadcasting graduate, he decided to combine his training with his interest in Britain.

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Seong-Jae's videos cover important topics, such as the difference between London and Liverpudlian accents, Doctor Who facts, and when to say sorry.

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Since creating the videos, Seong-Jae has gained huge amounts of attention for his convincing accents and knowledge of British life.

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Seong-Jae told BuzzFeed News that both Korean and British people watch his videos, and generally both massively approve of their content.

"A lot of British people cheer me up by saying that I nailed it, and some British people give some tips on my English," he said. "Which actually helps me to improve my English."

*Seethes with jealousy over his amazing scouse accent.*

Rachael Krishna is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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