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People Can't Get Enough Of This 9-Minute History Of Japan

It's ~beautiful~.

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A month ago, YouTube user Bill Wurtz made a nine-minute summary of the history of Japan called "history of japan."

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The video goes from 40,000 BCE to present-day Japan, incorporating significant historical events with jingles and captions.

From the "crazy rice farms" of 500 BCE.

And the introduction of Buddhism.

To Japan's role in World War I.

And, of course, Dragon Ball Z.

The video has proved so popular that it has now become a meme on Tumblr.

Wurtz said via Ask.Fm that the idea for the video was a random choice.

"I knew absolutely nothing about it," he said. "Figured if I can do that, then I can do any topic. Which is convenient because I want to do every topic."

Everyone until Bill Wurtz's next history video.

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