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People Can't Get Their Heads Around This Cosplayer's Incredible Costume


Rebecca Lindsay is a 25-year-old global media prep technician and cosplayer from Hackensack, New Jersey.

Over the weekend, Lindsay attended New York Comic Con and wore a variety of costumes.

But it was her mind-blowing take on X-Men's Mystique/William Stryker that was a favorite among other attendees and social media users.

Mystique Cosplay at #NYCC2016

People quickly began sharing @mindeclipse's photo.

Mystique/Striker: Rebecca Lindsay

Lindsay told BuzzFeed News the costume came about as she wanted to replicate Mystique's ability to shape-shift and to have a bit of fun with makeup.

She told Cosplay in America that the costume was an almagamation of an Army costume from eBay and a cheap bodysuit from Amazon.

Her mom sewed her into the costume and covered the seams with blue sequins. The wig is two wigs stitched together and one spray painted bright red.

Lindsay said that the reaction to her costume has been incredible, with word spreading so quickly that toward the end of the day people were already noticing her from Reddit.

"It's been even crazier online," she said. "I've never had so many Facebook notifications at one time!"

@GailSimone Have you seen this amazing Mystique cosplay from #NYCC