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This Comic Perfectly Gets What It's Like To Be Multiracial

"It's nice to know some understand."

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"My experience as a Japanese/Jamaican is very different than of someone who is Caucasian/Mexican," she said. "I felt like there would be a lot of implications that would come up by putting specific races to the characters and I didn't want that disconnect to happen."


Khansmith posted the comic to Tumblr on Monday, and since then it has received thousands of shares, with many people saying how much they love Puppitty.

Please read this amazing #Puppitty comic by the amazing @kianamaiart <3 It's so good & it's very important!

Khansmith said she has loved the positive response to her work and is happy that it provoked a reaction.

lrt im crying abt puppitty this is my life ive felt so much of that comic that it hurts

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