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This Super Hot Guy Secretly Played Chewbacca In "The Force Awakens"

*Roar of approval*

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A new, super hot actor has been brought into the cast of Star Wars to help with the role of Chewbacca.

Joonas Suotamo is a 29-year-old basketball player from Finland. He was brought on as a stand-in to help veteran Wookiee Peter Mayhew, who has problems with his mobility.

A happy reunion with THE MAN #TheForceAwakens #finn #r2d2anajet

Did we mention he's 6'10" and super wicked hot?

Instagram: @wohoo

Dang, Joonas.

#Interview in finnish. Here is a chance to brush up on your foreign language skills!

I can feel the Force.

Happy holidays to all! #theforceawakens


This guy plays the frigging best pilot in the galaxy in #theforceawakens. #oscarisaac #r2d2anajet #poedameron

All hail Joonas Suotamo; you'd ride in his Millennium Falcon anytime.

#Chewbacca'a näytellyt @JoonasSuotamo kävi @Aamutv:ssä kylässä. Itsellänihän pituus ei riittäisi edes jedin rooliin.

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