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Posted on Jun 8, 2017

Dogs At Polling Stations Vs Babies At Polling Stations Is The Hardest Decision You'll Make Today

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Over the past few years, one clear trend has emerged on polling day – people love dogs at polling stations.

I love this Country and how #dogsatpollingstations is now an official thing. Happy Election Day people. ✌️

They're so popular they even have their own Twitter emoji.

Today's the day -#dogsatpollingstations! We've teamed up with @TwitterUK to launch new emoji & 'Paw-ing Stations'… https://t.co/WnzKQGqzad

It's easy to see why.

Decisions are made by those that show (p)up. Sprocket says VOTE! #dogsatpollingstations

Gus getting his vote in early #dogsatpollingstations

My first ever @DogsAtPollingS, had to let big human & little human vote for me tho. I went in and helped them decid… https://t.co/2Tjfd2f7zD

However, this year a new contender has entered the race: babies at polling stations.

Took my daughter with me to vote this morning. #babiesatpollingstations #GeneralElection #GE2107… https://t.co/vs3YNCohO6

But who will be the true victor? Will it be good boys like Wolfie?

"Wolfie, go and sit by the sign and smile." And he did. #dogsatpollingstations @nickyharley

Or this sweet little future shaper of democracy?

Never mind #dogsatpollingstations - how about #babiesatpollingstations 😄 #GeneralElection2017

Will this serious pup sway your decision?

Someone's taking voting very seriously! #dogsatpollingstations

Or this seasoned polling station attendee?

My daughter was born AFTER #GE2015 & this is still her fourth visit to the polling station! #useyourvote… https://t.co/4fmqy4CPBT

Does Brodie's smile win you over?

Meanwhile in Somerset, Brodie and Mummy Fry have been to vote! #vote #GE2017 #dogsatpollingstations @DogsTrust

Or do you prefer this enthusiastic campaigner?

Maybe you're more in favour of a joint effort from both sides?

Who knew there'd be a need for #dogsatpollingstations quite so soon... or indeed #babiesatpollingstations

And if you're not a dog or a baby person? Don't worry, there are plenty of other options to consider: such as cats at polling stations.

Forget #dogsatpollingstations How about #catsatpollingstations?❤️🐱❤️

Or horses.

We love #dogsatpollingstations but #horsesatpollingstations are the 'mane' event! So 'hoof it down' with your 'neig… https://t.co/d7nCt5YepM

And even rats.

@VictoriaLIVE You've had #DogsAtPollingStations, but what about #ratsatpollingstation?!

  1. So, 2017's big question – dogs or babies at polling stations?

    So, 2017's big question – dogs or babies at polling stations?

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So, 2017's big question – dogs or babies at polling stations?
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