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    An iCarly Cast Member Just Approved This Amazing Fan Theory

    Oh, you haven't heard? This is going to be wild.

    Back in April, Hanaka Johnson tweeted a theory involving TV show "iCarly" and the film "Bee Movie".

    The theory states that because both the TV show and the film have characters called Benson – Barry Benson, a bee, and Marissa Benson, main character Freddie's mum – there must be a link.

    Which, Johnson believes, is Freddie.

    This explains Freddie's mother being so overbearing.

    At the time, others chipped in with what they thought was additional evidence, such as Freddie's allergy to bees.

    Or that he mentioned his father was a fencing master.

    Some even provided extra theories for minor plot gaps – like the differing names between Marissa Benson and Vanessa Bloome.

    This theory floated around for a few months, until last week when Nathan Kress, the actor who portrayed Freddie, tweeted his approval of the theory.

    He seems really into it.

    Most people seem supportive.

    If a bit confused.

    Johnson told BuzzFeed News the theory came to her while she was in the shower. "I thought, Wow, Barry Benson...Freddie BENSON," she said. "Barry Benson dated a human in the movie that looked just like Freddie's mom. Barry's gotta be the father."

    So this is now a thing.