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The People Behind Video Game "Overwatch" Did The Coolest Thing For A Young Fan

"We hope she digs it!"

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Since the tweet, Hickey and his daughter have been flooded with fan art and fan fiction about Birst, with some calling for her to become a playable character.

whoops heres a close up of birst, twitter shrank the pic @shanehickey

Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of Overwatch, told BuzzFeed News that they are always inspired by fan art.

.@PlayOverwatch @shanehickey Decided to make an attempt at turning this into a full fleshed hero concept:

“We love and are so grateful for all the Overwatch fan art the community creates. Ava’s creativity inspired one of the artists on the Overwatch team to work up some fan art of his own — we hope she digs it!”

@shanehickey @PlayOverwatch make birst a playable character! i even drew some art for her :)

Stay awesome, Ava.