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    Someone's Been Covering Lisa Frank Pictures With Badass Feminist Quotes

    Your childhood, improved with feminist theory.

    Feminist Lisa Frank is the magical Tumblr that combines quotes about feminism with cute neon animals.

    The Tumblr highlights a range of feminist opinions including Roxane Gay, Alison Bechdel, and Frida Kahlo.

    BuzzFeed spoke to the Tumblr's creator, Alex Richmond, about the inspiration behind the page: "I was absolutely a 90s kid, and I loved Lisa Frank. They look like an attempt to distill childhood joy into an image."

    "I think people are more receptive to new ideas when they're happy or amused."

    "If someone stops to smile at a picture of rainbow-colored kittens and learns something new about someone different than them," she said. "Then that's wonderful."

    Alex said she tries to incorporate as many perspectives on the page as possible, "even one white guy, for diversity."

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