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    People Can't Believe These Beautiful Designs Are Actually Cakes

    *Almost* too beautiful to eat.

    A chef from Ukraine has become an Instagram sensation thanks to her beautiful and edible geometric cake designs.

    27-year-old Dinara Kasko used to work as an architect-designer, but her passion was always patisserie. When she began studying to be a pastry chef, she decided to combine her skills.

    About two years ago, she began sharing photos of her designs to Instagram. Recently, she has begun filming the cutting of her cakes, creating immensely satisfying clips.

    Kasko told BuzzFeed News the cakes are made with the help of molds that she 3D prints. Her inspiration comes from "modern architecture, art, nature and any objects that surround us."

    Kasko's work has gained her fans from across the world. Each one of her Instagram posts has hundreds of positive comments and thousands of likes.

    Kasko said the reaction to her creations has been "a big surprise." Thanks to the page, she has been featured on the cover of international food magazines and companies.

    And despite huge amounts of attention, Kasko hasn't finished with her studies and is still looking for new ways to make beautifully delicious designs.

    "I don't plan to stop doing it," she says. "There are many interesting things that I would like to try in patisserie."