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    People Are Furious With Billboard For "Sexualizing" North West

    Many believe Billboard's now-deleted tweet was comparing North West licking to a lollipop to a scene from Kim Kardashian's sex tape.

    Late Thursday night Billboard posted this tweet, which users believe was sexualizing North West.

    The story was actually about the 2-year-old talking back to the paparazzi, but many felt like the tweet alluded to her mother's sex tape.

    After a few hours, Billboard deleted the tweet. But many social media users are still expressing their anger at what they feel was a "clickbait" tweet.

    This tweet/pic are reprehensible @billboard. Stop exploiting children for clicks.

    wtf is this sexist racist bullshit from @billboard?? sexualising a toddler for clickbait?? so low.

    using a toddler, especially a young girl of color, in your creepy clickbait to line your pockets? @billboard unplug your servers forever.

    Others are arguing that the tweet is specifically racially targeted.

    It's not only @billboard. Some of you fetishize young mixed race/Black girls; make creepy collages comparing which one "looks the best."

    But most are upset with the sexualization of North, especially in the context of the media's treatment of her mother.

    @billboard delete this immediately this is a child licking a lollipop and youre comparing it to the adult consenting sex life of her mum

    Ur disgusting. R u actually trying to sexualise a CHILD?

    She's just a kid fam, delete this RT “@billboard: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.”

    BuzzFeed News has reached out to Billboard for comment.

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