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    People Think This Performance On The Night Of The Manchester Attack Now Has New Meaning

    Fans say the song "One Last Time" has taken on new significance following Monday's incident.

    Fans of Ariana Grande are sharing a video of her performing the song "One Last Time" shortly before the attack on Manchester Arena that killed 22 attendees and injured dozens more.

    But look how happy Ariana looked tonight, can't imagine how she must feel about everything☹☹

    Twitter user @samanthabarlow_, who attended the concert on Monday, shared the video on her page, saying the events after the concert had given new meaning to the song for her.

    One Last Time now gives me such a heavy heart💔

    Fans of Grande began sharing the video, sending their thoughts to those affected and commenting on the atmosphere in the arena before the night's tragic events.

    I listen now and I feel like there's a double meaning. this used to be one of my favorite nostalgic songs, don't kn…

    One last time, after that I'll let you go.... the lyrics made my cry even harder oh my god

    This is truly heart breaking, and the fact that it's this song makes it all the more horrifying. 😢

    Many have used social media to spread information about the attack, as well as numerous tributes to the victims. Grande tweeted shortly after the attack, saying she is "so so sorry."

    The whole crowd singing along to "One Last Time" makes my heart ache. #PrayForManchester 😭

    The crowd singing "One last time" just made me even more broken. #Manchester

    I can't listen to One Last Time the same ever again. The lyrics have a completely different meaning now

    A full version of the performance is available here.

    View this video on YouTube